Ubiquity 0.1.6 and Release Scheduling

As we’ve mentioned before, Ubiquity 0.2 has fairly broad, visionary goals that won’t be fully satisfied for some time. So we’re going to be pushing its changes to the 0.1 line at more regular intervals as we continue to develop it.

By “pushing its changes” we mean that we’ll effectively be disguising our work-in-progress 0.2 as a 0.1.x release. For instance, Ubiquity 0.1.5, which we released about a month ago, is essentially the same thing as 0.2pre7; similarly, Ubiquity 0.1.6 will basically be the same thing as 0.2pre13, only with our more experimental features—such as locked-down feeds and python feeds—disabled by default and unadvertised on Ubiquity’s front page.

There’s a couple reasons for this:

  • Ensuring that the general public is using the same codebase as testers and developers means that our code gets to be used by “the real world” more quickly, and means we’ll know about bugs closer to the time that they were introduced into the software.
  • Releasing new public updates at a regular interval is a direct way of letting our users know that Ubiquity is still alive and kicking, and getting better all the time.
  • We can get feedback from the broad public more quickly, so that if we’re really going the wrong direction with something, we can know about it before we’ve invested too much time and effort into it.

So we’re aiming to release a new public update to Ubiquity at least once every two weeks.

Things you can do to help

Ubiquity is a community effort, and we welcome contributions!

  • Testing. Please try out the release candidate and bang on it! Try it out on every operating system that’s convenient for you to try it out on, and on every version of Firefox too (3.0, 3.1 beta, or 3.2 alpha). Any comments to this post about where it works or doesn’t will be very appreciated.
  • Release Notes Documentation. The 0.1.6 release notes can always use more help; please feel free to edit that page and fix a TODO if you enjoy technical writing, and leave a comment here or on IRC if you have any questions. Keep in mind that the wiki tracks all changes, so even if you mess up, we can always revert the changes. Experimentation is good!
  • Ubiquity Tutorial Documentation/Testing. Feel free to try out the user tutorial or the author tutorial with the release candidate and make sure everything still works. Regardless of the outcome, post back here to let us know what you found!

Thanks for reading this. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reply to this post or poke us on #ubiquity on irc.mozilla.org.

17 Replies to “Ubiquity 0.1.6 and Release Scheduling”

  1. I’ve been using Ubiquity for months and like where it’s heading. One bug that seems to have persisted through all this time is that very few email addresses from my Gmail contacts are recognized by Ubiquity. When I start to type my friend Bob’s name, even though I have about a dozen different emails associated with him, only a couple show up and they are probably among the least common that I use. And when I type in his most common email addresses, they are not recognized.

    I have noticed this bug on a number of systems, though I have not tested too thoroughly:
    Windows XP SP2 with FF 3.0.x with Ubiquity 0.1 to 0.1.4
    Mac OS X 10.5 with FF 3.1b2 with Ubiquity 0.1.4 and since
    Mac OS X 10.5 with Shiretoko (3.1b3 Intel optimized) with Ubiquity 0.1.4 and since

  2. I’ve been using Ubiquity for some time now, I really like the idea introduced in the new version 0.1.6, i.e. create-new-search-command and create-bookmarklet-command-from which somehow gives the average user a way to make his ubiquity understand your own language and adapt to my needs.

    Cheers and keep on programming!

  3. I’ve had the same bug John has. Ubiquity only recognizes very few gmail addresses. But the major peeve regarding 0.16 has been this: whenever I open the browser, the first time I invoke Ubiquity, it asks for my master password regardless of the command I type. Is it only me or is this supposed to be like this?

    I am on Vista SP1 with Minefield and Shiretoko.

  4. I’m using 0.1.6 on my laptop and loving it, thanks.

    However, my main computer is stuck at 0.1.4, which is the latest version that didn’t require a compiled component… because your releases don’t ship with a x86_64 component. Any chance that will be fixed soon? Or should I be learning to compile it myself?

  5. Are there any plans to have the ubiquity mail command work with native mail apps? Now it sends me to gmail which is awesome. But I usually dont login to gmail in my browser, I normally have it sent to my mail app.
    Otherwise ubiquity is really amazing and excited to see where it goes!

  6. I run NoScript and love it but it doesn’t get along well with Ubiquity. I had to figure out all the different URLs that provide javascript functionality to Ubiquity. I would love to see Ubiquity come with a list of urls to allow in NoScript (or possibly even an option to automatically let Ubiquity input those URLs to NoScript) so that Ubiquity can still function properly when installed next to NoScript.

  7. I’m using the Ubiquity 0.1.6 release on Firefox 3.0.6 running on a Ubuntu 8.10 machine. What i’d like to see implemented in Ubiquity is the ability to email an article/page to more than one contacts separated with commas when I type “email to” or “email this to” in Ubiquity.

  8. Ian’s got the same idea I do. Are there any plans for integrating Thunderbird or Outlook support for Ubiquity?

  9. I’ve been using Ubiquity since the initial release, and it worked fine until 0.1.4. That and subsequent releases have been very buggy for me. Mostly, ctrl + space make nothing happen at all, except at the first try after installation. 0.1.6 is currently coming up, after a re-installation, but every single command I type gives me options only for Twitter. For example, if I type WIKI, the suggestions are
    “Twitter (status) as wiki”
    “Twitter wiki (as twitter username)”

    WTF? As I hardly ever use Twitter, this seems a bit odd. Also odd is the fact that I can’t find any forum other than this one where such things can be discussed. xp sp3, Firefox 3.0.6

  10. i freakin’ love ubiquity. been tellin everyone about it…hoping that they don’t get the same issue that made me disable it after 3 days. i’m running firefox 3.0.6 and installed ubiquity 0.1.6 and upgraded after a day or two to after a couple hours of having firefox open i’d have a huge memory leak. sometimes without even calling ubiquity (not because it wasn’t completely convenient, practical, and amazing, but as a mini-experiment) firefox would go up to 1.2+ GB of RAM. usually ff only uses about 300-400 megs. a new tab would take around 5-15 seconds to open and during normal use of ff it would “freeze” for a couple seconds every 15-20 seconds or so. a restart of ff wouldn’t get back the speed so i’d pretty much have to restart my laptop to get back to normal. also…the process of ff wouldn’t actually close…i’d have to go into the task manager. i put this problem up on getsatisfaction.com as well. check it. some other folk are havin the same problem. i think ubiquity is so damn precious, so simple yet so expandable….i will do ANYTHING to get this baby back. you want me to do tests? i’m down.

  11. Today I used Ubiquity 0.1.6 for wikipedia search on words I highlighted in a web page. Ubiquity returned several results but I couldn’t move down past the first 5 results. Are there plans to add a vertical scroll bar to the Ubiquity window?

  12. I love ubiquity.
    I think ubiquity really needs some way to centrally change settings for it’s commands. For instance the del.icio.us command could have a place to put in login information. The email command could have a list of email providers to select the default from, etc. There is a common way to change plugin settings in firefox, ubiquity needs the same thing for it’s commands.

  13. I’ve only had Ubiquity installed for 8 hours and I already got 4 other people to download it. Amazing extension! Having already incorporated Launchy into my daily routine the use of Ubiquity comes naturally, and allows for such easier access and integration of data.

    As for errors and enhancements, I have noticed some Gmail issues just like the other posters here. At work, my contacts load without issue, though sometimes when I attempt to send an email I’m asked to log in to Gmail, even if I already have Gmail open in another tab or window. At home, my contacts fail to load under the same conditions. I’m also running the Gmail Notifier add-on, version, which I imagine helped Ubiquity at work for detecting the active session for loading my contact list. Running the same version of the add-on at home.

    I also agree with Seth about an enhanced configuration section. One way this could work really nice is if the command-editor command could take in an existing command and auto-load it into the editor. Then, for example, if you want to change the site that is used for weather data, you could just edit the command. I can understand that it could be hard to provide a configuration text box for modifying that sort of thing, although that would be nice too. I’d be happiest though to load and edit a command on the fly through the command-edit command, similar to editing an active Greasemonkey script.

  14. Hey,

    I’ve been using Ubiquity for some time, since the update, it’s not responding, nothing- hasn’t worked for me since the release. 🙂 I also tried restoring to original settings, still nothing.

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