December 13, 2009

Mozilla: The Big Picture

I realized over the past year that the Mozilla community doesn’t just generate cool software—it actually produces a wealth of great visual assets, too.

I thought it’d be useful for both folks on the periphery and on the inside to use images as a way of understanding what’s going on at Mozilla—sort of like about:mozilla, but using pictures instead of words.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

This prototype is a showcase of what happened in the Mozilla community during the month of November 2009. It includes community-created artwork, photography, screenshots, logos, and UX sketches and mock-ups. Mousing over each thumbnail displays a high-resolution version of the image on the lower half of the screen, dynamically fetched to take advantage of the viewer’s screen resolution without wasting network bandwidth.

The mini-gallery is stored using an ad-hoc sort of HTML microformat. Feel free to take a look at the source code and reuse or remix it for your own purposes.

(A word of warning: I’ve only tried out this prototype on Firefox 3.5 and Safari 4.)

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