December 9, 2016

Fun with TypeScript

I’ve written about TypeScript in the past for my p5 friendly error fellowship, and at a coworker’s encouragement, I made a series of four YouTube videos, totalling about 12 minutes in length, that attempt to provide a quick survey of what I like most about the tool.

You can view the TypeScript videos here.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any video editing software, and at some point Apple started charging $15 for iMovie, so the editing on these videos is terrible, because I had no editing software. I used the non-pro version of QuickTime that came with my Mac, which is quite spartan.

Update: Since I made these videos, I learned that TypeScript has recently added support for checking plain old JS files. It even parses JSDoc comments to glean type information, which means it’s possible to have many of the benefits of TypeScript while still writing plain old JS. Very exciting!

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