June 6, 2005

SWKOTOR2 Secret Tomb Bugfix

I made a fix for a scripting bug in Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.

The bug occurs in the Secret Tomb on Korriban, during the vision where the PC encounters the Evil version of Kreia and the rest of the player’s party is about to attack her. If the PC chooses to defend Kreia and the two of them successfully defeat the rest of the party, Kreia does not disappear, and the next door (behind which is the vision of Revan) remains locked. At this point the PC can speak with Kreia again to re-initiate the whole scripted event, which basically results in Groundhog Day until the PC finally decides not to defend Kreia, or until Kreia is finally killed by the rest of the party.

The problem occurrs because the trigger to end this vision and unlock the last door was tied only to the death of the Evil Kreia character, which obviously doesn’t occur if the PC successfully defends her. This interim fix attempts to rectify this problem.

Addendum: it looks like the end of the vision is also triggered by siding with Kreia 3 times, which raises the question of whether this is a bug or actually very annoying intended behavior. This forum thread has more information.

The fix can be downloaded here.

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